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Stewart Engineers Limited was formed in 2004 by David Stewart B.Eng., C.Eng., M.I.Struct.E. 

We are an 'Approved Body for Certification of Design (Building Structures)' under the Building Standards in Scotland.

We are based in South West Scotland, but we work on projects throughout the UK, specialising in providing structural steelwork contractor design services.

office: 01387 262676   mobile: 07787 758021



Inspections and Reports

Buying a property or structural issues with currently owned property.


Fesibility Studies

Structural alterations and new construction, with cost and time efficiency in mind.


Ground Conditions

Trial pit investigations and borehole investigations to determine foundation solutions.


Design and Certification

Design of individual elements or full design and SER certification of entire projects.


Contractor Designed

Structural steel frames, connections, stairs, balustrades and glass elements.


Complex Analysis

Finite element analysis, natural frequency and temperature effects.

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Stewart Engineers Limited
41a Castle Street


office: 01387 262676
mobile: 07787 758021

3 Little Pigs Myth

We wish to dispel a myth about the 3 Little Pigs story: This is essentially a story about building a single storey domestic dwelling that has wall panels with appropriate diaphragm support from floor and ceiling structures and is subject to wolf exhalation; not really a large dynamic pressure in itself, but let’s examine the physics:

A single skin 100 mm blockwork wall panel, say 4.0 m wide x 2.4 m high, supported on all 4 sides has an unfactored lateral wind load capacity of around 0.50 kN/m2; whereas a timber stud wall constructed of the same thickness, say 100 x 50 C16 timber sections at 600 mm centres, has an unfactored lateral wind load capacity of at least 0.95 kN/m2 > 0.50 kN/m2, making it a stronger solution (this also allows for a conservative deflection limit).

Therefore, the last pig had it wrong; he only thought of the compressive capacity of his chosen material, which is superfluous in this scenario. The second pig, in our opinion, had it right; from a structural perspective. Also, if you consider the first option, contemporary straw built walls incorporate timber frame for strength and straw for insulation, so the first and second pig may have had the best, combined, solution for lateral load capacity and thermal properties.

The third pig was smug and ill-informed and probably has the type of personality that is deemed fit to be chosen to present some tv programme talking nonsense on how to build things (and flap about when things go wrong, when they actually don’t).

The Companies (Registrar, Languages and Trading Disclosure) Regulations 2006 came into force in January 2007. We have got to publish the following information on our web site for you edification:

Company name: Stewart Engineers Limited

Director: David Stewart B.Eng., C.Eng., M.I.Struct.E.

Trading office: 41a Castle Street, Dumfries DG1 1DU

Registered office: 123 Irish Street, Dumfries DG1 2PE

Company registration number: SC274592

V.A.T. registration number: 848 0868 85

Memberships, etc:

Institution of Structural Engineers - David Stewart's membership number: 020281468

Structural Engineers Registration Limited (SER) - David Stewart's Approved Certifier of Design registration number: SER1-D-00200

Structural Engineers Registration Limited (SER) - Stewart Engineers Limited's Approved Body for Certification of Design registration number: SER1-DB-0286

Our Dennis the Menace and Gnasher fan club membership has lapsed.

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